Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 1 - Part Deux

I made a slight modification to the helmet. I pried off the chin straps (they were riveted to the helmet) since the shell seemed to stay on my head just fine with the new padding, even with moderate head-shaking. I almost definitely need to remove the lenses entirely and fabricate a whole new housing for them. Simply put: my head's too big for them. Too wide, to be precise. Even if I take off the arms or whatever you call them, the frame holding the lenses (is this still plural if it's in one piece?) curves in too sharply to properly go around my face, so they'll have to go. I'm figuring I might need to either use clay to get the exact shape I want or start with clay to use as a mold for something else. Anyone have any suggestions? I might try some of the materials found in this tutorial.

From these two views, you can see that the mouth/face mask isn't wide enough to cover my cheeks like it should, and it sticks out too far past my nose (the reference photos seem to indicate it's about even with the tip of my nose. But as I say, it's a start and merely a platform for building the real thing.

I have a scrap of test armor where I sewed some of the braided sleeving to a piece of gaffer's tape to see how it would look side-by-side like it would on the finished product. But I think I left my red folder that I keep small test items like that and some extra reference photos at work, so I'll have to post pictures of that another day, probably tomorrow.

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