Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 18 - Putting on a New Face (Mask)

I made a negative mold of my face last night out of Sculpey and aluminum foil (with a plastic-wrapped bowl as support), but when I went to vacuum form with it, I realized that I ran out of craft foam to do it. Damn! And it was too late to pick up any more, so I had to wait until after work today to get some.

So after I vacuum formed the foam, I started trimming away the excess. (Sorry, forgot to take pictures of the process.) Next, I applied strips of 1" gaffer's tape to strengthen the foam. I knew breathing/fogging would be a problem, so I experimented with ever expanding holes for my nose and mouth. Finally, I decided to cut out the whole area and cover it with a sheet from the braided tubing (cut up the side). That seemed to work best in terms of maximum airflow. I'm waiting for my next batch of braided sleeving to arrive in the mail, so further progress on the helmet and armor will have to wait. I think I'll tackle the boots next since there's no muscle armor to create there.

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